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  • Lauren Kofalt



I’m trapped feel trapped in a box There’s no way out There’s a door but it’s locked I’m filled with doubt I need to get out Let me spread my wings There’s no correct route The silence still rings People will leave And people will go But I’m trapped in this box And no one will know

What is your Problem

What is your problem With the color of my skin It is different than yours You act like that’s sin “Racism was long ago” “Leave it behind us” You say this to me Then blame me for a virus What is your problem What did I do I may not be from here But neither are you

Who Do You See

What do I wear How should I do my hair So much to decide But do I really care? Who do I dress for Is it me or is it you All of these choices I don’t know what to do What do you like Versus what I prefer No matter what I do You will only see her


Lauren is a regular contributor for The Universal Asian. To learn more about her, check out her Contributor’s Page here.


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