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  • A.D. Herzel


Play, search the stars, chase the clouds. It has taken millions of years to create that “reality suit” you are wearing. There is nothing on the earth like it. Respect it, explore it, use it. Yes, there is work. There is suffering. There is justice that needs pursuing, but rest, play and wonder. Lay on a hill, feel the synchronicity of all the world in motion and give yourself the gift of play.

The things that mushroom will do.

First Surrealist Portrait Mushroom

The things that mushroom will do to take the spotlight. Venture into the surreal with clouds so full and clear with a pink and gold confection.

Flower Mountain with her head in the clouds

Flower on the Mountain

Living among the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia, I am surrounded by overwhelming beauty every day. I have taken to cloud chasing.

Welcome to the Fair

Carnival Skies Web

Photos of the Salem Fair in Salem, Virginia. The clouds were everything.

Cotton Candy Sky

Cotton Candy Sky

A little pink, a little perspective.

Hot Round up

Round Up Pink Web

When I was a teenager this was my favorite ride. Feeling the centrifugal force press me against the wall was the most comforting feeling.

The Pink Tent

Pink Tent

We have so little time at the carnival. Give yourself time to play.


All images and text by A.D. Herzel

Image inquiries welcome!


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