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  • Brian Krebs

An Untitled Poem

Too broken to be fixed Too loved to stop fighting Too tired to keep struggling Too dark to feel the green warmth of pulsating peace Too determined to give up Too hurt to feel pain Too many demons bound restless Too loose the threads that bind them Too insidious the flame dancing Too crowded the violent calls Too angry the scars Too fresh the open wounds with crimson cackles mocking Too dangerous to be ignored Too familiar with chaos Too volatile for testing Too contagious to continue even in quarantine Too confused to be lost Too many disappointments to be hopeful Too fast the seconds Too turbulent the heartbeat that only knows forward Too telling the lies Too fitting the masks To ever be naked To ever be


Brian Krebs is a Korean American adoptee living in Manhattan. If the way we spend our moments reflects who we are, he is a lover, entrepreneur, poet, reader, sleeper, activist, eater, and traveler. He’s also spent significant time as a student, drop out, inmate, mental health patient, and mental health advocate.

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Cover photo credit: Noah Silliman


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