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  • Stephanie Fung

Asians in Britain ESEA Photoshoot

The Universal Asian writer, Steph, sits down with her co-producer Chris and photographer Vanessa to reflect on the ESEA photoshoot that they worked on in May 2021, which was created in response to the escalation in racially motivated incidents against the ESEA community in the U.K. Over 20 British East and Southeast Asians collaborated to produce the non-profit photoshoot, titled: "Take Your Place: A Celebration of BESEA Identity."

The purpose of this shoot was to empower our community by humanising a group of people who are typically misrepresented or under-represented in mainstream media, and to encourage donations towards the "Stop ESEA Hate" campaign championed by Gemma Chan, Henry Golding, and Benedict Wong.

The shoot was also a celebration of the traits, passions and differences that affirmed to each of us that the complexities and fractures of BESEA identity is something to be proud of, not a wedge to further divide and alienate.


To read the stories of all the participants of the photoshoot, please head to @AsiansinBritain

Credits and a massive "THANK YOU" goes to:

@chrispoonmd — Producer

@stephfungal — Producer

@vng2_ — Photographer

@jordancoxtv — Assistant Photographer

@nanayumua — Makeup Artist

@lecreaturedibeatrice — Makeup Artist

@asaleem92 — Stylist

@rayroberts — Videographer


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