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  • Diann Leo-Omine

Black Lives Matter: Reminders

The best action we can take to honor Breonna Taylor is to vote. The best action we can take to honor George Floyd, and so many other murdered Black lives, is to vote.

To the person who removed the “Black” from the “lives matter” and “Defund the” from the “police” etchings on the local tree:

How do we have a discussion on systemic racism if you wordlessly eliminate the parts of the equation that matter?

At least, we can agree on love. But mere “love” will never bring Breonna Taylor back. Justice has not been served.

Photo credit: Simone Angela Winkler, eyeCatchLight Photography

Diann Leo-Omine was born and raised in San Francisco (Ohlone land). She now resides in the North Central Valley (Nisenan land), between the expanse of ocean but before the ascent of mountains. Her writing is influenced by her experiences on the trails and professional kitchens.

Follow more of her musings on Substack and Instagram.


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