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Introducing 'Journey of a Thousand Miles' Fundraiser

Be part of a movement by helping fundraise for a groundbreaking project that Janet Yang, the legendary "Joy Luck Club" executive producer and Governor of the Academy of Motion Pictures called “an ode to the bond between mother and son, told with radical vulnerability and honesty,” and “a deeply moving look into the love that binds a family.”

"Journey of a Thousand Miles" is directed and produced by Dr. Zhu Shen when Shen’s husband Changyou was stricken with terminal cancer, she throws herself into a six-year odyssey to produce their 12-year-old artistically gifted son Perry’s animated film—"Changyou’s Journey," unleashing a mother-son tug of war. Shen must learn to look inward to reconnect with her son, reclaim her own buried artistic prowess, and transform from “Tiger Mom” to “Zen Mom.”

Changyou’s Journey—a young animator Perry Chen who crafted this labor of love to inspire his father during his long battle with cancer and to pay tribute to the life he led, beginning with his childhood in rural China. A story of grief, loss, perseverance, and enduring hope in the darkest times of our lives.

The fundraiser includes access to exclusive scenes from this personal documentary feature "Journey of a Thousand Miles" and its companion short "Changyou's Journey" + Q&A with director/producer Dr. Zhu Shen and other prominent film panelists to raise awareness and funds for this groundbreaking project

All funds will be used to fund production and post production activities like cinematography, editing, sound mixing, color correction, music, licensing, marketing, legal, and distribution costs.

The program features a brief introduction by Director Zhu Shen, a short sample from "Journey of a Thousand Miles," followed by screening of "Changyou’s Journey"—the 2019 Oscar-qualified animated documentary short, written and directed by Zhu’s young son Perry Chen who became the youngest director with an Academy Award-qualified film while still in high school. The event ends with a dynamic Q&A featuring director/producer Zhu Shen and other prominent documentary filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and advisors, moderated by Gordon Skinner, executive producer of [Re]-Frame Media, LLC., who has produced and directed numerous feature films about the human experience in a myriad of genres.


Streaming is available for a limited time only, so click here to watch.

If you’d like to connect with Dr. Zhu Shen, you can find her on these platforms: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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