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Introducing Lava Buckley Short Films

Lava Buckley is an award-winning filmmaker based in New Mexico. She is driven to create films for her community that encourage overcoming challenges and identity journeys. Currently, Lava is creating a documentary about honoring traditional clothing and writing a dramedy about an Asian American daughter living with her immigrant mother. When not creating films, Lava loves spending time off the grid in a camper van and taking photos.

Here are a few short films that Lava has created:

"The 3 Day Nun":

"This short documentary is from my point of view during my brief novice nun experience in Ubon Ratchathani with my family. "The 3 Day Nun" was created mainly by myself (DP, writer, director, narrator, and editor) and the support of the temple community. It’s a personal piece about reconnecting to my culture and spirituality as a first-generation Thai American."

"Darkside" music video for John Courage:

The music video was created in six states by the New Mexico duo John K.D. Graham and Lava Buckley while trekking across the Southwest in their RoadTrek camper van. "Darkside" was created with over 4,000 still photographs to animate the love story that unfolds during the song.

"Your Cow is Dead":

This was part of a stop motion series funded by the City of Albuquerque. Based on a true story that happened to me a few years ago. 



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