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Introducing WILD Entertainment

Wild Entertainment Group (WILD) is prominently known as a hybrid management, media production, and marketing company running in South Korea. CEO Leonard Lim founded the company to help his Southeast Asian (SEA) creators find a means to dip their feet in the South Korean entertainment market. Hence, Leonard has been putting in all his effort since August 2020, building WILD into the hub for international talents. WILD has showcased massive growth for the team in numbers and quality, as a result.

Having been founded less than a year ago, WILD currently operates with 50+ creators located throughout the world from the USA all the way to Singapore. Not only does WILD boast a network of partnerships and collaborations, but the team promotes to its audience in a healthy and engaging fashion in support of everyone involved.

WILD’s talent roster spreads from content creators on social media apps, singer/songwriters, video editors, and much more. Some of their earliest signed talents are content creator Sabrina, from Malaysia; influencer and entrepreneur Richard Juan from the Philippines; and singer/songwriter Candace Sosa from the U.S. Their more recent talents include content creator Kieun from Korea; creator Nalu from Latin America; and influencer Erna from Indonesia. With their team, WILD launched their positively growing YouTube channel three months ago, gathering 34.6K subscribers and impressive engagement.

In more recent spotlight, Leonard Lim and Melodi Flack—two of their mental health advocates—have collaborated with Psych2Go, the leading channel for raising awareness on sensitive topics. In each of their live YouTube streams, both the talents dive deep into what they face as humans and how their life revolves around in the safe space they are given.

Continuing on the steady journey, WILD and Leonard strive towards developing a culture crossover working with creators across all niches and identities.



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