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Meet Eric McDaniel: A story of a true second chance — An adoptee’s life journey

TEDx Woosong University

Through his life story, Eric McDaniel shares the different sides, angles, and varieties to a true second chance to life, family, and discovering his true identity.

From abandonment to adoption, reconnecting, reestablishing, and rekindling; McDaniel explains the life lessons that he learned and other possible outcomes. This talk is about finding love, identity, dreams, and passion through the life of a Korean American adoptee.

Eric McDaniel is from a small suburb near Kansas City, Missouri. He was raised in a typical but hardworking, blue-collar family. Learning from his father’s hard work and his mother’s compassion, he tried to achieve his goals and dreams by exuding those values that he learned.

Though his life has been faced with many obstacles, McDaniel used that as fuel to become a promising athlete as well as exploring various business ventures. His interests include entrepreneurship, entertainment and education.


You can connect with Eric on Instagram.


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