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  • Lauren Kofalt

Paradise; Ocean; Space

I See A Place (Paradise)

I see a place that’s far, far away A land that we could go, perhaps today An island, maybe, for just you and me No harms, no worries, just peace I see a place that’s warm and sunny Where there’s luxury, but no need for money The birds they fly, but never disturb Is imagining this so absurd? I see a place made just for us Somewhere where there’s no need to ever fuss A getaway that’s so very nice I see a land that we call our paradise

The Ocean

Here I am, standing in the sand With only my notebook, pen in hand I take a seat and stare into the ocean I think for a second and write the title with one swift motion I’m writing a story, inspiration is the sea I’m reflecting Reflecting on my past, looking at my future, just me I see the waves, sweep in, sweep out They’re so care free, nothing to worry about I envy the ocean and it’s free spirited ways While I have so much stress that has built up over the days I wish I were a wave so that I could finally be free I want to be part of the ocean so free, so me


Look to the sky Look beyond what you see Beyond the clouds and the atmosphere See the galaxy A place we have such little knowledge on Places beyond the Earth, moon, and sun Millions of stars so brightly lit Billions of places to go in little rocket ships Out in the great beyond searching for adventure High in the sky, no gravity, light as a feather Look to the sky Imagine all of space Maybe, could you believe, there’s more than the human race?


Lauren is a regular contributor for The Universal Asian. To learn more about her, check out her Contributor’s Page here.


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