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  • Lauren Kofalt



What can you do when there’s nothing to do The sun shines bright and the sky so blue Yet sitting inside thinking of you It seems as so lately it’s all I can do When everything fails and nothing is new I sit and I wait until I can see you


How many more moons until this feeling lifts Longing and yearning and still nothing fits It’s just like a puzzle and you’re the last piece What should I do to make this pain cease I look and I ponder of what I do miss It’s the feeling of whole, the feeling of bliss I write this here poem to remind you dear friend That even though we’re apart I’m with you ‘til the end


I just met you I know and you seem so shy What happened to you, I wonder why Soon enough though, we’ll be best of friends I help you as you do me and we’ll make amends I’m not here to harm you, just here to say I’m with you and I’ll love you every single day


Open my eyes so that I may see What exactly do you want of me What do I want is better to inquire Because as of yet nothing inspires What should I do to relieve this feeling Nothing to me feels appealing I do what I can to pass the time Get me to a point I’m feeling fine But I sit here alone feeling no purpose Give me something so I’m not feeling worthless


Lauren is a regular contributor for The Universal Asian. To learn more about her, check out her Contributor’s Page here.


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