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  • Lauren Kofalt



Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Every season, I do recall A moment in which I was filled with cheer At least once per season, every year Challenges rose and hard time came I treated my life just like a game Summer is too hot, then leaves start to die Never once did I ask why Winter is frigid and Spring bring rain Now my life is filled with pain I hope one day on a summer’s noon I’m lucky to feel like a Spring flower’s bloom


I do what I am able But the system is not stable I teach you what they want I am sorry if I’m blunt The school system is broken At 6am you’re woken To learn something you won’t use Instead of learning virtues I know it’s knowledge you desire But I grow very tired This material isn’t needed The Man is so conceited Let’s teach about life skills And how to pay our bills Instead you know quadratic And they just say we’re over dramatic

What I’ve Learned

I’ve done a lot of reading I’ve done a little writing I’m not gonna stop until we can stop fighting People against one another Race against race We’re all the same people sharing the same space I can’t imagine the life that you’ve lived The struggle that you’ve faced But you can’t let all that experience go to waste I’m done being silent I’m done being kind If I hear another slur I’m gonna lose my damn mind I am a person and that is that You don’t need to know where I’m from because you know where I’m at I live next you You see me everyday But you treat me different because I’m a different race I’m the same as you and you’re the same as me Difference is the way we view ”liberty” Stand with me in the fight for our lives I don’t care if you’re Asian, Black, or White We need to come together and show them what we’ve got You may think we’re small, but we can change a lot.


Lauren is a regular contributor for The Universal Asian. To learn more about her, check out her Contributor’s Page here.


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