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  • Lauren Kofalt



I’m sick of being a teen in quarantine The past year has been so mean Stuck inside all by myself To be cautious of mine and others’ health Afraid of the world, so many reasons why Because of this virus it’s easy to hide Away from the hate and prejudice that’s spread It’s so much easier to hide in my bed

Come Together

This virus is harsh and outwards it spreads Just like the hate that lives in their heads The racists and bigots who call us their slurs Who hate and blame us and hurt us with words Rise against hate it’s all that we ask Be your brother’s keeper it’s not a hard task Work together with me and stand above all Because together we rise and separate we fall

I am my own

Why do you care About the color of my skin Or the places that I’ve been Why do you care About the things that I do To myself, not you I am me and you are you Why are my choices So upsetting to you Why do you care about what I do My body belongs to me and me alone It is not a thing or an object for you to own


Lauren is a regular contributor for The Universal Asian. To learn more about her, check out her Contributor’s Page here.


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