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  • Lauren Kofalt

Poems: Part 1

Photo credit: Vlad Alexandru Popa

New York, New York

Walking down the crowded streets The rush of the people, the city beats All around the people chatter All around, construction clatter.

New York, I love you With your beauty and lights Despite all your sins and secrets at night

Broadway classics and new shows about Singing and dancing and laughing aloud Never does the city sleep Not for student, nor actor, yet they all follow dreams

Photo credit: Pixabay

A Book

A book. What is a book? When in school, it’s a nuisance. When not, it’s a treasure When compared to reality, it comes as a pleasure Little thin pages making a pile The hundreds of pages, well worth the while It takes you to a far off land That only you create, only you can understand The fantasy place is yours in your mind Until the book ends, where your land gets lost in time But a well written story is never truly gone

The sequel is here, and it is a new dawn

Photo credit: Kha Ruxury


One on my hand, one on my face Curiously, I gaze towards outer space People rush, hurry into shops Avoid getting hit by all the raindrops A little spritz,a little rain A little downpour, a little game Down a window two raindrops flow “Mine will win!” She shouts “Maybe so” Soon enough the rain near stops All that’s left are little raindrops


Lauren Kofalt is her adopted name, but she’s taken back her birth name of Zhu Ling Jin as of the past few months. She was adopted from China at age one and is currently in the United States. Zhu Ling Jin has been writing poetry since she was little and has always had a passion for it. She is currently attending Penn State University and is happy to share her poetry with our Universal Asian community!


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