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  • Lauren Kofalt

Poems: Part 2

The Field

She has such a way with words Everything just rolls off the tongue She sits outside in a field of grass So bold, so beautiful, so young Everyday is just the same She sits alone in field of green What to draw or what to write She needs to let her mind take flight Back outside to the field of dreams A boy her age, only seventeen They sit and share ideas of their own She has found a new friend with whom to share her home

Social Media

A picture is a memory A moment for anyone to see It’s for likes, and follows, reposts Make it nice, pleasing, aesthetically Social media now has complete control It clouds our minds, our judgement, and soul When in time will this horrific reign of terror end To save ourselves, our families, as well as our friends There’s no end and this nightmare is what we’ve become But this could be good, we could spread joy, peace, and love Maybe this way, somehow, if all came together and join as one


Lauren is a regular contributor for The Universal Asian. To learn more about her, check out her Contributor’s Page here.

Cover photo credit: Thought Catalog


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