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  • Kyunghee Kim

Poetry by Kyunghee Kim

Kyunghee Kim is a Korean-American poet, storyteller, and writer. She is devoted to sharing words of healing and that of the Korean diaspora. Her poetry stems from lived experiences as an immigrant and human being; and it is her desire to make others feel seen and heard.  She is driven by how grief and hope show up in our lives, and how to be honest with who we are in order to embrace ourselves and each other. Although an introvert, she is not quiet when writing about hard things in life. Kyunghee believes that stories change lives. 

During the day, she is a public school literacy expert. Kyunghee is currently seeking a literary agent for her poetry books. She resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband. Outside of reading and writing, her muses include yoga, spending time in nature, and FaceTiming with her nephew. 



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