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'We Look the Same': a film by Zoe Fan

In a time when racism is at the center of many conversations and there is a rise in Asian awareness, this film addresses the human struggle of how one’s identity is questioned and challenged in response to the subtle discriminatory words or actions of others that we now know as microaggressions.


In Paris, a difficult choice has to be made when a Chinese tourist who desperately needs the toilet barges into a vintage book store, with a French-born Chinese book shop assistant stuck between doing the right thing, or getting into trouble with her boss.

Why this film?
The Characters
About the writer and director: Zoe Fan

This short nine-minute drama film is expected to be released at the end of 2020, in French, with English and Mandarin subtitles.

Poster designed by Shauna Goh, a Singaporean creative based in Australia

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