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Introducing 'Kiss My Mike'

Mike Talplacido is a Filipino freelance writer and a podcast host based in North Carolina. He enjoys cooking, gardening, hanging out with his two basset hounds, raising backyard chickens, and of course, pop culture!

His writing has been published by Moments Between and Queer Southeast Asia. He recently published a book called “Kiss My Mike.”

Talplacido decided to publish his book because he felt like there’s not a lot of Filipino-American LGBTQ stories out there, and believes it’s about time we hear about the often unheard Filipino voices and stories.

More About Mike Talplacido

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mike Talplacido grew up fantasizing about the United States. From famous landmarks to historical events, to pop culture—Mike was obsessed with it all. Aside from belting out hits from divas like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, binge-watching "Beverly Hills 90210" on TV, and idolizing Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts,

Mike’s obsession with watching the Miss Universe pageant year after year caused him to be teased bakla or gay, mostly by his male cousins. As he went through puberty and adolescence, he started questioning his sexual identity. He had a girl crush named Andie in high school, but also found Luke Perry and Keanu Reeves both attractive. As Mike transitioned into adulthood, he discovered a lot more about his sexuality. Additionally, his dreams of moving to America became a reality when he turned 23. Two years later, Talplacido came out of the closet and accepted his gay identity. He then spent the next few years of his life navigating the complex world of being gay in America. Along with that, he went through a series of ups and downs related to his career, his dream of getting an MBA, his family drama and a whole whirlwind of gay sex and pursuit of love, romance, and long-lasting relationships.

About “Kiss My Mike”

​"Kiss My Mike" is a memoir about Mike Talplacido’s life as a gay Filipino immigrant in America. It’s a story about navigating sexuality and racial identity, interwoven with the pursuit of the American dream, the pressures of a religious Catholic family, and the ultimate quest for love and acceptance. The book shares about the fabulous but sometimes ordinary adventures of a gay Asian in America.

"Kiss My Mike" is like "Sex and the City" but with a Gaysian flavor! And, in a typical Carrie Bradshaw fashion, the question is, will the story end with a happy ending or will it end up with Mike becoming a male version of a cat-lady?


You can find out more info about Mike by checking out his website or following him on Instagram.


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