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  • Calista Ogburn

'this is it' by Calista Ogburn

 “this is it” is the second collection of poetry from Calista Ogburn.

This poetry book brings to light the rising anti-Asian racism as the spread of COVID-19 has increased. It captures Calista’s experiences of loneliness, heightened anxiety, and feeling lost during a global pandemic. “this is it” takes the reader by the hand through the most difficult times and finds hope for the future.

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Calista Ogburn is a Korean and Vietnamese-American college student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County studying Public Health with a minor in Asian Studies. She has studied at International high schools overseas which has given her a global perspective. She reaches her readers by sharing her feelings and experiences through poetry. Calista considers empathy and compassion as important values in creating her poetry and touching her audience. She relates her poems with women about identity and gender oppression, body image issues, and building the foundation of self-worth.


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